Hugh MacGregor Smith / Lisa Walters Smith

Hugh is an MD PhD Anesthesiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. His passions include travel, photography, scuba diving, and learning about this amazing planet and its peoples. Hugh completed the New York Institute of Photography's Course in Professional Photography, has published work in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, and is a Sony and Nikon Professional Services member.

Lisa is a passionate environmentalist, traveler, scuba diver, mother, volunteer, and bon vivant. Lisa is happiest when on an adventure to unknown parts of parts unknown.

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Travel History:

Alaska, Amazon Rainforest (Peru), The Arctic (Svalbard), Antarctica, Argentina, Aruba, Austria, Australia, Bahamas,  Bali (x 2), Belgium (x3),  Bhutan,  Bonaire (x 5), Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Czech Republic, Chile, Colombia (x2), Croatia, Curacao (x3), Cayman  Islands (x4), Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, England, Estonia, Falkland Islands, Fiji, Finland, France, The Galapagos, Germany, Greece ( x 3), Greenland, Grenada,  Guatemala, Hawaii (Maui, Oahu, Big Island), Holland, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland (x 3) /Westman Islands, Indonesia, North Sulawesi, (x2), India (x2), Italy (x3), Ireland & Northern Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Laos, Madagascar, Maldives, Martinique, Mexico (x5), Monaco, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Norway, Peru (x2), Patagonia, Philippines, Portugal (x2) , Qatar, Russia, Rwanda, Scotland (x 2)/Shetland Islands, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa (x4), South Georgia, Spain (x3), Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania (x9), Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Vietnam (x 2), Virgin Islands (US &  British), Wales, Zimbabwe

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  • Iceland 2015-1420
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